Names on our wait list are all families that have placed a  $300 deposit with us after a puppy application has been reviewed and accepted.  All puppies are $2,800 regardless of color, size or gender. 

Families waiting are listed in order of deposits received.  I am now allocating puppies to ensure we match the right dogs with the right families. We wait until puppies are 7-8 weeks old before we match puppies with families as it is easier to see their personalities and coats. We also temperament test them at this time.  We will do our best to match the right puppies with the right families. If puppies are similar in personality, I go by when deposits are placed. We strive to give you the puppy you want, but temperaments and family needs are the priority. 


I reserve the right to refuse families a puppy if I find the family has been untruthful in their application or I feel the puppy won't be safe or a good fit with adoptive family.  I will refund any money received if this ever happens.


We reserve the right to keep a first (sometimes second) choice puppy for future breeding stock from each litter. Pet families are listed after breeders choice.   

The list below is a general wait list.  I may also have duplicate names under certain litters as some families have requested and are waiting for particular litter.  If for some reason we can not match a puppy to a family for any reason, we give families an opportunity to wait on another litter or we will refund their deposit. 


Names in BLACK are on hold until further notice.


Names in BLACK are responsible for notifying us if they want an upcoming litter PRIOR to puppies being born. 

Names in  GREEN  are waiting for Flynn Juniper-litter. 

 WHITE is for Jinx-Benz litter.




(1st and sometimes 2nd)


1. **Breeder's Choice

2. Williams, med female, any color. (Hold 2020)

3. C Burns, female (small) Red/open (Flynn)

4. A Kilcherman, m/f, standard cream/apr/red, open (Flynn)

5. A&S Rolland, M/f, med, any 

6.  J. Ripley, Male Flynn/Juni, Guardian **

7. L. Taylor, m/f, any

8.  J. Hendricks, M, any color, Standard

9. D Brenner M, Flynn/Juniper (Guardian)**