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We are currently looking for a guardian home for Sage's litter.  Please contact me through our website if you are interested in guardian home for a female Sage puppy.  



The guardian program is to ensure that each of our dogs in our breeding program get all the love and attention they deserve. 


They also help provide a family, that may not have the funds to adopt an Australian Labradoodle puppy into their family, an option to have an Australian Labradoodle. The cost of an Australian Labradoodle pet puppy is $2,800.00. The cost of a guardian puppy is $500.00, and you will be reimbursed money for each litter the dog produces.




When we have a prospective breeding dog, (could be male or female) we will look for a guardian home to place them in until they are ready to breed. 

The guardian home is responsible for taking them to all their vet + grooming appointments and providing a loving home. 

We expect our guardian homes to attend obedience class and provide ample socialization opportunities for the puppy.

When the dog reaches breeding age, they will come back to our house to be bred, return to your house for the course of their pregnancy, and then return to our house once again to have their puppies. We will give special feeding and exercise instructions once the dog is pregnant. Females can be away from the home for up to 7 weeks.  We do allow families to come visit their dog as long as it is safe to do so.  


Once the female dog is returned to your home, you will receive $500 for each successful litter the dog produces. For females we contract for at least three breedings and more for males.

If you guardian a male, he will come to our house to breed any where from one to several days.  We also might need to take him out of state to breed.  For each litter the male produces, you will receive $100.00

When the dog is done in our breeding program, we will spay/neuter them at our cost and return them to you to live out the rest of their life.




In order to be a Guardian Family, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Live with in an hours drive from Niceville, Florida.

2. Have someone home during the day. 
3. Have a fenced in yard.
4. Have prior dog experience.

5. Be a non smoking household.

6. Be willing to train and socialize your puppy.

7.  Must be an active family and exercise the dog appropriately.

If you are interested in the guardian program, please contact me.

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